Monday, June 8, 2009

Driny Cave

The road to Driny Cave is also well marked with signs starting just before the town of Smolenice. Parking costs 2 euro. You then walk uphill, at a fairly steep grade, for about 20 minutes to access the entrance to the cave. AFAIK, the tour is only in Slovakian (ours was)--you purchase your ticket at the little store at the cave entrance for 5 euro.

The cave itself is spectacular. The path through the cave is paved, a surprising convenience seeing that the entire tour is walking, even the descent into the deeper parts of the cave. Spot lighting has been designed to show off the nicest features and the colours range through various shades of pale pink to orange. While the guide only spoke Slovakian, he gave ample time for viewing the various stops. Some sections were surprisingly narrow and a few spots will require a tall person to watch their head and shoulders.

Most of the formations are stalagmite with Majko's Hall making quite a valley of the phallus. The elephant's ears were an interesting formation. There were also drip formations that resembled tangled roots made from melted wax.

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